Tweezerman has been recognized in the beauty industry for over 35 years for setting the highest standards of quality, reliability, innovation and service with every beauty tool sold.

Tweezerman’s position as the beauty tool experts has enabled the niche beauty brand to the go to the next level, setting the highest standards of quality, reliability, innovation and service as a valued brand in the professional beauty industry. Loved by celebrities, professionals and makeup artists around the world, Tweezerman continues to keep the professional heritage at the core of everything. The consumer needs are understood and Tweezerman continue to develop products that better fulfil their needs while adding fashion and style to the beauty tool category.

The brand consists of premium quality beauty tools that range from flawless brow grooming, face and lashes to manicure/pedicure, hand, foot and nail care and also precise men’s personal care products.

Winning the Allure beauty award ‘Best of Beauty’ since 2001, 18 years in a row, for the famous slant tweezer, this brand is a favourite among consumers and professionals.  The tweezer is known for its precision, featuring perfectly aligned hand-filed tips for expert brow shaping. With it’s 25º slanted tip, this makes the perfect angle for achieving high definition brows across the brow bone. Superior calibrated tension and perfectly aligned, hand-filed tips ensure these tweezers close evenly and firmly to precisely grab hair – creating the cleanest, smoothest, most advanced pulling power every time.

With lifetime guarantee given with the tweezers and nippers, anyone can send off their purchases to the US sharpening service to have them sharpened for free and returned free of charge as often as needed!

We have a great selection of products to use either in salon or to retail to customers with limited edition releases annually. This brand is great to retail within the salon environment, within the pharmacy sector and through online sales!

Tweezerman Heritage

Tweezerman started in 1980 with a single product – the Splintertweeze – after founder Dal LaMagna discovered he was unable to remove a splinter as quickly as he would have liked to after sunbathing on a deck. This tweezer quickly became an instant best seller for its outstanding quality and precision. The secret to its effectiveness and popularity was its perfectly aligned, hand filed tips. He then set out to develop an eyebrow tweezer with the same precise performance standard that made the Splintertweeze so celebrated.

After conversing with a friend who worked at a nail salon, LaMagna turned the Splintertweeze into an eyebrow tweezer and from there, the world famous Slant was born. He would go from salon to salon selling his tweezers under his own brand, Dal LaMagna Grooming & Carryon, and when a receptionist said “that Tweezer man is here” – he changed the name on the spot. And so Tweezerman was born! Cosmeticians and beauty salons were so enthusiastic about this precision tweezer, it became an instant success among professionals and is still our #1 best seller!

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