HBFX: Your hair and beauty partners!

Established in London in 2008, Hair & Beauty FX Ltd (HBFX) is the UK distributor for premium hair and beauty products such as Mixed Chicks, Australian Bodycare, Kerame, Macadamia Oil, Aloe Clear and Manic Panic. We are the sales and distribution arm of our business group which comprises hair and beauty salons, wholesale and retail outlets. We pride ourselves on working with brands we believe in and that service the market needs.

From previous sister retail and salon companies that have existed for the previous 20 years, we have access to all areas of the hair and beauty business which enables to select the brands we work with carefully and to know what can benefit our customers.

We can help with advising opening orders, help with stock control, merchandising and training. Whether you prefer a face to face relationship, a friendly telephone conversation or the more modern email exchange, we are here for all your needs to help your business be a success.

We organise frequent e-shots to keep our customers as up to date as possible with new products and monthly promotions.

We participate in trade beauty exhibitions around the UK for brand awareness and we provide marketing material such as brochures, posters, display stands

Reasons to partner with us

1. Our Mission

To share our knowledge of a meaningful and responsible business. We are constantly searching for and acquiring new brands and technologies that share our values and ethics, to compliment and add value to our existing and potential customers

2. Experience

With our expertise in the hair and beauty business over the past 20 years between retail, wholesale and distribution, we know what works for businesses and what the consumers want. We only work with brands we believe in and we know can sell and would for everyone.

3. Support

We have a sales team comprising of 6 consultants, 3 of whom are field based and three, telephone based. We also draw on the expertise of our hairdressers and beauty therapists. Therefore the sales and distribution of our brands to hair salons, beauty salons, pharmacies and retailers is second to none.

3. Training and Development

Our in salon training is varied and depends on the needs of the individual salons. We cater for salons looking to refresh their knowledge through to salons that are new to our brands. We also invest a portion of our time bringing our ideas, practices and new developments to educational institutions.

5. Marketing

We participate in selected national exhibitions every year to complement our existing route to market. Mail outs, email, training, advertising in both consumer and trade press, prospecting and word of mouth are ongoing.

6. Reliability

We pride ourselves on our efficiency to supply our customers promptly with delivery times, with everything we can offer to support in your sales and our knowledge and advice with the products that you order.

Some of the brands we represent…

Mixed Chicks
Manic Panic
Australian Bodycare