Australian Bodycare has been a brand leader in Tea Tree Oil products since 1992. Originally introduced to the professional salon and spa market we have since developed products available for home use.

Australian Bodycare’s simple and effective range has been a firm family favourite for over 25 years. 

Having harnessed the power of Tea Tree Oil, our bodycare products not only heal but maintain naturally clean and healthy skin and hair.  Whilst the distinctive scent of Tea Tree Oil disappears quickly, the antiseptic effect continues to protect skin.

Unveil natural beauty by using Australian Bodycare products as part of your daily skin and hair care routine.

Raising the Bar for Waxing Treatments

Using only the best resins, natural ingredients and oils, we offer superior “results visible” wax

The cult pro-beauty brand has a full choice of Strip waxing, Hot waxing and Hygienic dispenser waxing

All complemented with hero pre and post care treatments including our After Wax Lotion and our new Sensitive Skin Soother, plus a full choice of waxing accessories for the salon as well as retail homecare products

Our selection of waxing options turns your wax offering into a treatment choice and menu to suit your clients needs

Australian Bodycare UK with our Hy-Wax have always been the professional’s preference for superior quality wax – we have simply expanded the choice

Why Tea Tree Oil?

Tea Tree Oil has been claimed to be valuable for treating a wide variety of conditions. Tea Tree Oil may also be effective in a variety of dermatological conditions, including dandruff, acne, head lice, cold sores, and other skin concerns.

Experience has shown that an uncontrolled growth of bacteria on the skin can cause many acute or prolonged skin problems. These skin problems can be overcome by using an effective mild antiseptic and antibacterial solution. Many antiseptics, however, create an imbalance in skin flora as they generate the growth of healthy skin tissue but slow down the healing process. As mentioned previously, Tea Tree Oil from Australian Bodycare has the unique feature of helping to restore the skin’s normal bacterial flora whilst gently healing.

Tea Tree Oil is a very potent natural antiseptic, and is effective even in very low concentrations, the pure oil should be used cautiously. Even a 1% solution is enough to benefit from the antibacterial properties. Therefore, we suggest that the pure oil be diluted with water or a mild carrier oil (wheat germ/grape seed/olive oil) when treating areas of skin bigger than the back of your hand

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